Bluejaz Beach Resort Waterpark (March 25, 2013)

Hola! It’s been a while. I’ve been very busy for my graduation the past week and my adrenaline rush paralyzed my senses to write. Feels good to be back! I’ll just have to update this blog for what had happened right after my graduation.

It was abrupt and there’s just no chance to even bargain with these girls. When they said we’ll go to Samal, I just had to go. It was sweet knowing that I’ve spent my first day of summer/unemployment with them. 7 years of friendship!


(above) Alba, Michelle, Lyra, and yours truly. Joshoa and Erica missing!Image


Don’t worry guys, I just fell. Haha and it looks awkward. Porn-ish, they say.Image

Banana boat ride was the highlight of our get away. Thrilling and lethal! Image



Here’s a pair of Oxfords my mother and I thrifted 2 years ago. I’ve never used them because I have a poor fashion sense and I don’t know what clothes to pair them with.

I’m easily attracted to vintage stuff and sometimes this attraction is the reason why I buy things even if I don’t have plans on using them. Is that bad or something? Haha



The details on the outsole!


Last year, I bought very cheap watercolors just to see what can they really do.  As a learner I think it’s quite tricky if you use them and for some people who are impatient, well, they might just abandon the idea and ask why they even bother trying it. So I guess, and I suggest, if you really want to pursue this medium might as well use quality watercolor sets like Rembrandt or Prang (but I can’t afford them especially now that I’m broke).

Here is a lousy comparison chart or whatever you want to call it of the watercolors I bought, and I also compared them to my ever loyal poster paints.


The topmost is super cheap that it doesn’t even have a brand hahaha



For those who are still thinking of a perfect graduation gift for me… A Prang Watercolor set will be greatly appreciated. 🙂


Ristorante Italiano il martedi

I just google translated it. Haha

Nothing much happened this week since I’m too broke to even dine out. But then I remember I saved a few money before classes officially ended. Yay! And since I miss eating with my buddy, last Tuesday we went out and ate at the most famous Italian restaurant here in Davao.


Capriccisiosa (300)

Capriccisiosa (300)

Calzone (310)

Calzone (310)

DSC_8491 DSC_8490

I told him I wanted to eat at Picobello again just to reminisce our “date” last year. Haha I think that’s a pretty cute reason and he agreed. Till next date! (Well, if my coins would reproduce in my pocket)

Up but my heart goes down

Okay so here’s another Pixar film that I achingly love. One word. Two letters. I wanna cry. Hard.

I’m still convinced that Up has the saddest love story ever. Well maybe second to The Notebook but I’m not asking you to agree with me because my opinion is final. Im sorry I’m quite harsh.

I’m not sure if the movie’s target audience is children but it sure did capture the hearts of a lot of adults and teens, including me of course. And I hate how it made me cry, and cry, and sob though I’m still on the 5th minute. Made me feel stupid for a while but oh well, dramatic, over-acting, emotional, and sensitive junkies like me would understand.

Here, take a look at this photo I’ve stolen from someone in Tumblr. Credit goes to you, kind being.



Why would they include such heartbreaking scene in a kids movie??? I hate how it made me burst into tears.


We people tend to watch movies (or listen to sad songs) that would further aggravate our forlorn mood and then we blame them for making us cry.  Really sick attitude.

Whatever. Have a great week ahead! 🙂