Up but my heart goes down

Okay so here’s another Pixar film that I achingly love. One word. Two letters. I wanna cry. Hard.

I’m still convinced that Up has the saddest love story ever. Well maybe second to The Notebook but I’m not asking you to agree with me because my opinion is final. Im sorry I’m quite harsh.

I’m not sure if the movie’s target audience is children but it sure did capture the hearts of a lot of adults and teens, including me of course. And I hate how it made me cry, and cry, and sob though I’m still on the 5th minute. Made me feel stupid for a while but oh well, dramatic, over-acting, emotional, and sensitive junkies like me would understand.

Here, take a look at this photo I’ve stolen from someone in Tumblr. Credit goes to you, kind being.



Why would they include such heartbreaking scene in a kids movie??? I hate how it made me burst into tears.


We people tend to watch movies (or listen to sad songs) that would further aggravate our forlorn mood and then we blame them for making us cry.  Really sick attitude.

Whatever. Have a great week ahead! 🙂




After sleeping for four hours today, I really felt the need to update my blog…but the inspiration didn’t come as how I expected so I waited.

Now, I regret that I’ve waited.


© me


What we all know about it is that it bring so much disappointment and pain; I couldn’t agree more. We can’t help it! People come into our lives and give us reasons to expect from them and the next thing you’ll know is that you’re dumbfounded — amazed by the pain of seeing your world crumble down. Yes, because you were lured into the ugly world of expectations where hearts shatter and promises are broken unceasingly.

“I thought you were different.”

As much as possible, I avoid telling that to someone who deliberately caused me pain and brought in loads of disappointments into my life. As much as possible, I try to look at that “brighter side” which the optimists keep on talking about and see the beauty in pain. Is there even beauty in pain? Why does my question have to be that nonsense?


One year since the great and sweet escape


I won’t forget the day when it seemed like all the butterflies, birds and bats were in my stomach. Oh that fluttery feeling that I get every time I remember that day.

He was so shy and wonderful, and still the same Cho-cho I fell in love with 6 years ago.

4:16 am

4:16 am

I’m not very particular with titles so let’s leave it like that.

Well, as they say, people tend to be sentimental at 3 am and become potatoes during the day. Yes, I’m one of those midnight people who thinks of lovely and crazy things that make my heart fickle and make my eyes woozy at the same time. Everything seems to be in place at this very hour, when most of the people are still struggling to wake up, and people who are in love are still trying to sleep. I think I am just a step away from the latter because the reason why I’m up is that I have to do my case analysis. Haha.

Kidding aside, I think I always fall under that “people who are still trying to sleep” category because I’m… blissfully in love. It’s quite humorous how love works. It feels so beautiful when someone shows care like there’s no tomorrow, when someone hugs you tight, write you letters, fetches you at school :), forces you to eat more (yes i understand), and tell you words that make your heart jump in elation. You can’t blame me if I feel happy because I have this person who bravely plants a kiss on my face in public. I like being kissed on the face. Is that weird or something? Whatever. I think I just have to stop being mushy because my case is waiting to be analyzed.


What’s life without a little drama?

Tired of pleasing the world? We’re all in this together.


The more I try to convince myself that this is going to be a blog about all the positive things that I’ll encounter, the more I get frustrated. Sometimes really, when you decide to pull yourself together and move forward, insane things and situations will start hitting you and leave you helpless on the floor. I guess that’s how life goes. It has rules — unpredictable rules that will just pop out whenever they want to and will never give you a chance to retaliate. You’re doomed.

But no matter how hard life hits you, there will still be people who will help you out from that limbo you are in. They may come too early or too late but one thing is for sure, even if they don’t arrive you will still get through it. So you better pick yourself up again and keep moving. No one will understand you better but yourself, and your God.