Last year, I bought very cheap watercolors just to see what can they really do.  As a learner I think it’s quite tricky if you use them and for some people who are impatient, well, they might just abandon the idea and ask why they even bother trying it. So I guess, and I suggest, if you really want to pursue this medium might as well use quality watercolor sets like Rembrandt or Prang (but I can’t afford them especially now that I’m broke).

Here is a lousy comparison chart or whatever you want to call it of the watercolors I bought, and I also compared them to my ever loyal poster paints.


The topmost is super cheap that it doesn’t even have a brand hahaha



For those who are still thinking of a perfect graduation gift for me… A Prang Watercolor set will be greatly appreciated. 🙂




After sleeping for four hours today, I really felt the need to update my blog…but the inspiration didn’t come as how I expected so I waited.

Now, I regret that I’ve waited.


© me


What we all know about it is that it bring so much disappointment and pain; I couldn’t agree more. We can’t help it! People come into our lives and give us reasons to expect from them and the next thing you’ll know is that you’re dumbfounded — amazed by the pain of seeing your world crumble down. Yes, because you were lured into the ugly world of expectations where hearts shatter and promises are broken unceasingly.

“I thought you were different.”

As much as possible, I avoid telling that to someone who deliberately caused me pain and brought in loads of disappointments into my life. As much as possible, I try to look at that “brighter side” which the optimists keep on talking about and see the beauty in pain. Is there even beauty in pain? Why does my question have to be that nonsense?


Drip, drip, drip

Drip, drip, drip

See how lame my titles are.

Today is such a great day. I cannot even put into words how glad I am that the week already ended. Yes! Hell week just ended and  allow me to experience this moment of ecstasy even just for today. As a reward for surviving the pandemonium, I gave myself what I was craving since “case studies” were born – time for art! It’s been a really long time since my last serious piece (ahehm! Look at how she talks about things that never happened).

I went to my room at once and gathered my materials, not making it too obvious to my mom that I’m excited to do whatever foolishness I’m going to do. As I set my things up, I checked one tutorial about how to do that dripping/bleeding watercolour effect because I really find it eccentric. And so i tried and this is my the product of my first attempt.

Not that bad for a beginner, eh?