New in the Grocery Cart: Delimondo Garlic and Chili Corned Beef

Blogging about food as a “resurrection post”? Why not?

While writing can be really boring, tasting newly discovered eats is deliriously exciting. Lately, I’ve been visiting some of the “food blog-worthy” diners located around the city, which i also discovered through blogs (hope that makes sense) and it’s slowly becoming my favorite hobby. Who on earth doesn’t want this kind of hobby? 

Anyway, what i’m going to talk about is this new favorite canned corned beef of mine which I really love because:

  1. I like its simple packaging
  2. It’s a local gem 
  3. It’s spiciness is my weakness (well the Ranch Style one isn’t)
  4. It’s perfectly shredded (because i don’t like chunky)
  5. It becomes crispy when stir-fried (help!)


This baby will always be at the top of the grocery list from now on. Try it!


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