Isn’t it funny that one day in the future, or when your kids are old enough to understand the difference between a crocodile and an alligator, you’ll tell them how you survived the prophesied end of the world by staying close to your laptop? XD Actually it’s not funny, it’s absurd.
Anyway, my year ended grand. My parents already arrived and we celebrated New Year together! Look at what my mother prepared. I don’t know how to name it so I’m calling it “Fried Prawns”. How do you like our garnish? Pakyas.
Nice try haha
 I really hope this year will be exciting and fabulous because 2012 wasn’t really much of what I wanted but there were really cool and unforgettable experiences that I’ll never trade except for bacon jk. 2012 was disgusting, ugly, grand, merry, foolish, bright, all the extremes of both negative and positive to be precise. And now, a brand new year awaits. Im scared but I was brave enough to write a short list of goals I really pray to achieve, of course with God’s help and my patience.
I’m going to take little steps for all of these and will take them seriously because I’m not getting any younger! But as you can see, it’s a mixture of super easy tasks and really challenging ones and you might even notice I didn’t include “getting a job” because… I don’t know. Hahaha. I don’t want to stress myself with that issue for now. How about you? What’s included in your list? 🙂

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